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4 Shoes for Every Occasion

You know that feeling where you are rummaging through your shoe closet trying to find the perfect ones for the occasion you are attending, and wouldn’t it be great if you could always know that a certain pair of shoes will go with anything you want to wear for any event! Well now you don’t have to wonder anymore because I have a list of 4 shoes that will suit any and every occasion!


There are so many different styles and kinds of sandals for different occasions with a simple tanned pair of sandals being suitable for every day and evening wear. Yes, this is more of a summer look, but you are not going to find a pair of shoes that will suit winter and summer, rather you need a few pairs scattered throughout the year to suit your outfits. Sandals are great for spring and summer, and I personally always wear sandals during this time of year because they are comfortable and look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses, so why would I even wear anything else?

Ballet pumps

If you want a bit more of a cover up for possibly a more summer or autumn/fall look then a ballet pump would be a great fit for you. They cover your toes as well as having a more structural shoe fit, so you don’t feel so exposed. These kinds of shoes look really cute with any clothes for evening and day wear, and they are great if you are planning on walking quite a lot during the day or evening. They have a lot more support and comfort in the heel and therefore are perfect for times where you are dancing the night away or walking besides the beach on a hot summer’s day.


Now if you are a dressier type of person regardless of day or night events then a wedged heel shoe would be a great choice to match any outfit in your closet. They are suitable for most times of year depending on the certain design and they have been comfortable and fashionable for all occasions. I personally love a dressier look and I am more inclined to go with a shoe like this one because it looks great with dresses and skirts as well as looking classy with jeans and a cool top.


When I say boots, I mean the thigh high or longer boots that look amazing during winter and summer. These look so cute on an evening occasion with a mini cowl neck dress or pair of skinny jeans. Some people are afraid to wear boots like this because they are worried that they will stand out too much but not all long boots have to be shiny leather or covered in jewels, but they can be a felt-style material to soften the look up a lot more. However, for an everyday event it can still look great with a pair of jeans and a jumper or more of a day dress or straight cut skirt. This style of shoes is for a statement so for all you fashion divas out there this is something to consider!

There are so many pairs of shoes that can make or break an outfit, but I feel that these are the most iconic shoes to wear for any occasion and are some of the most essential things to have in your wardrobe. It is important to think about comfort and your personality when you are picking an outfit so that you can wear it with confidence and with your best foot forward!

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