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The Best Ways to Travel When on Holiday

Travel is a large part of any holiday. We travel to and from the destination and also while we are on holiday. So, let us consider just what the most enjoyable methods of travel are.

Private Jets

If you desire to travel in complete style and luxury with a service second to none, then the private jet should be your chosen method of air travel.

Boarding at a private terminal away from the crowded airport lounge, you will find yourself in the company of only those that you know. Those that you have booked the private jet for. Your luggage will not have gone through the main airport system with everybody else’s and so risk getting lost. Flights are likely to be on time because flight delays are a thing associated with commercial air travel. The inability of commercial airliners to fly high above the clouds where the weather is better can mean that they are more frequently delayed due to bad weather, either putting your timings out when travelling for a business meeting or interfering with your holiday plans as a tourist.

Some of the best light jets in the sky at the moment are considered to be the Cirrus Vision, with a speed of 345mph; the Honda Jet HA-420, capable of 423mph; and the Embraer Phenon 100, which can fly at 465mph. All these will fly direct to your short-haul destination when chartered and fly high enough to avoid bad weather. Larger private jets can be hired for bigger groups, say hen parties or football teams, and will save refuelling on long-haul flights with their larger fuel tanks.

So, if you desire luxury, privacy, and speed, then you are a potential private jet traveller, and you very well might wish to start looking at the cost of chartering a private jet to whichever destination you’re thinking of flying to next!

Train Travel While on Holiday

If you enjoy travel, then why not make it a part of your holiday experience? Some of the best train trips in the USA are Amtrak’s Coast Starlight Route in Portland, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon Railway, and the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

With Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, you will travel for 36 hours one way. They have dining facilities and sleeping cars to cater for overnight. The scenery is well worth the journey because it includes impressive waterfalls, snowy Cascade Mountains, and forests full of lush greenery.

For a shorter trip, there is the Grand Canyon Railway. The route spans Williams in northern Arizona (South Rim), which is part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The total journey time is 8.25 hours, which includes a 4-hour stopover. This one is a round-trip. Again there is a sleeping car. Also, a café car. This line is historic and transported visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park in 1901 when it first opened.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad involves only 6.5 hours of travelling time. It is the longest and highest steam railroad in America at 64 miles long and 10,015 feet high. It would originally serve the needs of Colorado’s silver mining district. Today, it travels along the San Juan Mountains. So, you have both history and scenery to enjoy.

Car Hire

An exciting option to explore is the hiring of a car while you are on holiday. With your family, you can explore more places without having to work out when public services are running and how far they will take you. However, picking a car would depend on the size of your family and the number of bags you’re carrying. If you’re more than four people, then fitting you all along with the luggage in a normal sedan would be impossible. In that case, a pickup truck like a Honda Ridgeline would be a better option, as long as it comes with a truck bed cover (similar to the ones provided by companies like Peragon) that can be pulled over your belongings if it starts to rain.

If you’re travelling alone or with one companion, you need not worry about such detail and go ahead with picking your dream vehicle to travel around in. Why not hire a sports car that you have always dreamed of owning and then drive it along Route 66? This was America’s first all-weather highway that was responsible for linking Chicago with Los Angeles. Feel like the rich and famous as your travel along this famed and historic route in an open-topped car with capabilities. It is a route that spans some 2,451 miles and crosses 8 states, no less. It runs from Illinois of the Midwest to California on the Pacific coast. It will mostly skip the Interstate. This journey allows for tourists to venture out into what is less seen and known as small-town America.

So, three great ideas here. We can fly in comfort to our holiday or work conference in a private jet that offers luxury, efficiency and convenience, take a historic and scenic train journey while on holiday, or hire a car and travel the famous Route 66. That has to be on everyone’s list of things to do while they still can.

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