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An Individual Perspective on The Benefits and Risks of Using social media

The use of social media for personal reasons, such as staying in touch with old friends and staying updated with current events, has become the norm in today’s society. However, as the popularity of social media has increased, so has the risk of users becoming vulnerable to cyberbullying, identity theft, stalking, and other types of malicious behavior. The use of social media can also have a damaging effect on relationships, causing arguments and conflicts among family members who don’t realize how much social media is influencing their relationships.

Social media has truly changed the way we communicate and share content. There are two sides to every story, and through social media, everyone can be heard—important information may be lost if only one perspective is heard. When managing social media, it’s always important to make sure all group members are aware of and comfortable with what they are posting. Group members should also share only what is appropriate and relevant to their group and should not post irrelevant or offensive content.

What Are the Benefits of social media?

The benefits of social media are numerous. We’ve become reliant on social media by allowing people to connect with loved ones, keep in touch with friends, and share pictures with those close to us. Most of us take social media for granted, but would you believe that social media is still in its relative infancy?

  • Social media is fun. Social media is fun when you know how to take advantage of the sites. You can find people with similar hobbies and interests, share your life events, or just post pictures to show off your cute outfits or vacation photos.
  • Social media creativity. Creativity is one of the common advantages that people get from social media. People’s creativity is stimulated when they engage in social media activities. Social media platforms can be like creative competitions. People compete by showing their creativeness through pictures, videos, and blogs. Blogs are known to let people express themselves well. People write blogs on various topics and get comments from other readers. It increases their understanding of topics they are interested in.
  • Social media connect global communities. Social media connects you with other people who share your passion, interests, lifestyle, and goals—and that’s not a bad thing. You can share photos, videos, news, upcoming events, and more. So, in today’s world, if you don’t have social media, you’re pretty much missing out on a huge part of the human experience.
  • Social media have collaborated learning. Social media can help students greatly in many different ways. It helps students get familiar with their classmates and teachers. If students don’t know anyone in their classes, social media can help students to get to know people. Students can also learn about other students’ lives through social media. If students have a problem, they can turn to their classmates and get help.

What Is the Risk of having social media?

  • Being exposed to everyone. Social media is a ubiquitous part of today’s digital world, and it’s virtually impossible to avoid it entirely. But if you’re looking to minimize your exposure to social media, there are easy ways to do so.
  • Uploading inappropriate or upsetting content. Posting on social media is a fun way of letting friends and family see all the exciting things you’re doing, but posting the wrong content could land you in some serious trouble. Posting inappropriate images online, whether by intentionally doing so or by simply posting a picture you found online, can result in jail time or hefty fines. The consequences are different for different situations, so know your rights before you post.

Social media use has become something almost anyone can do. From Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat, social media has become so mainstream that kids are usually on social media before school. 

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