Hi, my name is Clara Jackson and I am the blogger behind Radio Cultural Puriscal. It all started when I decided to suddenly pack up and leave my childhood home in Arizona  to move to beautiful Costa Rica , and more specifically the Puriscal Province! I have always been an adventurous person and I have always dreamed of jetting off and setting up a new life in a completely different country, and Costa Rica seemed like the perfect fit since I have been studying the Spanish language since I was in kindergarten!

The idea behind my blog name is that I wanted to spread a “transmission” of culture to anyone that is interested in learning about new and exciting things and people. I have always been fascinated with how other people were brought up and whether it has helped them to achieve different goals to those of myself who grew up in an American/Spanish household. Although this blog has this at the core it is also just for fun and I will be talking about anything I could possibly think of with a focus on cultural travel, food, technology, and DIY (as I have to fix up my own house now!). I am obsessed with writing and I hope that blogging will turn into my career instead of a side hobby in the future because it is something that I truly love doing!

I am also a huge fan of dogs so I hope to get a couple to live in my new house and join me on this adventure! Maybe they’ll be some animal posts coming in the future to help me and you with any pet advice that you or I may need!

Overall I am super excited that you have taken the time to read my blog and learn more about me, I hope that you continue to stay and support the blog as it progresses!

Hablamos Pronto!

CJ x