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The 3 Best Places for Entertainment in the World

When we think of entertainment, we think of Las Vegas. It is, after all, named the “Entertainment capital of the world”. So, with this in mind, we shall explore Las Vegas as a place to travel to, along with a couple of others also known for entertainment, rather than for a relaxing beach holiday where there is nothing but waves and sunshine to enjoy. Not that this is not enjoyable too. We will all have our different dream holidays in mind.

Las Vegas, US

Situated in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, Las Vegas is this state’s largest city. Many refer to it as “Sin City” because of its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”

So, what kinds of entertainment does Las Vegas have to offer?

The entertainment in Las Vegas spans the interests of adults and children. The bright lights along The Vegas Strip are an immediate and 24/7 clue to the thrills that can be had here. For music lovers, you have the Elvis impersonators. Those who like a flutter can enter the slot machine complexes and play until their heart is content, or their wallet is either empty or full. This is just a taste of Las Vegas, though, because there is also the Ethel M Cholate factory that you can visit. Then it is surely onto M&M World and the MGM grand for movie lovers to pick up memorabilia. Next, Circus Circus, for on-going movie interest, as movie lovers might recognize this as the setting from the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

For the kids, there are rides galore for all ages. Again, at Circus Circus, the venue has an Adventuredome. This is a theme park that is enclosed underneath a 5.5-acre glass dome. Young and old can enjoy the rides and have fun as a whole family. For another thrilling ride, you could visit New York, New York’s Apple Coaster, which is said to be the world’s first coaster that has a 180-degree “heartline” twist.

So, as you can imagine, if you are yet to go, life does not stand still in Las Vegas, except for at Madame Tussauds, where you can see 100 wax models of familiar celebrities. This may or may not be a moving experience for you. Anyway, they are located at the Venetian, which you can visit from 10 am all year round. Dummies need their beauty sleep too.


Macao is considered to be Asia’s equivalent of Las Vegas. It is thought of as one of the world’s most popular entertainment destinations with its numerous gambling experiences. There is on offer the traditional casino games alongside traditional Chinese ones.

Apart from the casinos, Macao is also famed for its nightlife. That is its vibrant nightclubs, bars, and discos.

Daytime activities to enjoy in Macao include golf, karting, and horse riding. These are just to name a few.


It seems that there is no escape from casinos because Monaco is famous for those too as a form of entertainment. Without casinos, how else would it be possible to go on holiday and end up coming back with more spending money than we went with? Then, if particularly lucky, our holiday was paid for, too. Although, definitely no guarantees on that one. Gambling to a high level does take a lot of nerve and a bank balance that you can afford to lose. However, for those who play online casino games on gambling sites (by using a Nigeria vpn or the corresponding regional VPN), it may come more naturally to them and they may be more confident about gambling at Monaco or similar casinos. In fact, gambling is quite a great source of entertainment, isn’t it?

Monte Carlo, its capital, is the place to head for, not that Monaco itself is that big, with a land border of 3.40 miles (5.47 km) and the shortest coastline in the world at 2.38 miles (3.83 km). In Monte Carlo, there are exotic resorts, with hotels located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

The streets of Monaco are famed for hosting the Monaco Grand Prix annually. This is where Formula 1 race cars wind around the narrow streets and create an amazing spectacle for petrol heads and motorsport enthusiasts. To enjoy the rest of the year, restaurants are offering the most exquisite cuisines. For tourists into history, there are many historical buildings and some beautiful cathedrals to see.

In all three cases, those who love casinos will love these locations. They offer much more than that, though. These destinations offer all-around entertainment, and so will invariably make it onto the top spots of travel lists as popular tourist destinations and entertainment capitals of the world.

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