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5 Fashions That Have Made It Beyond the Beach

When we book a holiday, we have to buy ourselves outfits that will be suitable for the sunny weather we’ll be experiencing. This usually means browsing online or going to your local Macy’s to look at their beachwear section. If you’re not wanting to spend too much money on the outfits you need to buy then you can take a look on sites like for coupons that will knock some money off your final total. Plus, if you shop wisely then you can repurpose your beachwear for when you’re back at home too, you just need to buy the right items of clothing.

Beach fashion has always included a fun variety of clothes and accessories, with the majority of these being bright and summery! I personally love the beach and if I can wear some of the clothes when I’m not able to go then I say let’s do it! So here it is my top 5 fashions that have come from the beachwear.

Flip Flops

The obvious first thing that has been taken from the beach and put into a normal everyday attire is flip flops. In the summer shoes are the most uncomfortable things to wear because you become super sweaty, and your feet expand and well the stink is bad! So, airing out your feet with some flip flops or thongs is perfect for the sweaty hot summer days to come. Not to mention they come in super cute colours and styles, and you can even get more sandal type flip flops for evening occasions. So, I say thank you to the flip flop for not staying at the beach!


This has been adapted from the thin beach cover-up to a more form fitting sarong style skirt. It still has the same look to it but instead of something you do up yourself it has the design made into it. The beauty of a sarong is that it is both elegant and comfortable and makes you feel confident in your own skin, which is something that I always love from fashion!

Bikini top

Now obviously people are not walking around wearing a bikini top but a bralette is a similar option to this or a crop top. Many people are now claiming this back for everyday fashion and it has caught on with many people who have perused websites like to find the best type for them. On a really hot summer day, why can’t we wear a bralette or crop top if we wear the exact same thing at the beach when it’s hot? It’s personal preference after all and whatever makes the individual more comfortable. Some days all I want to wear is a loose baggy top and others I want to wear a crop top, so I don’t boil in the heat! Overall, this is one of my favourite things to come from the beach.


Now this is a comparison between bodysuits and full body swimsuits. A swimsuit covers the torso of your body so that you can comfortably walk around without feeling insecure about your body, well now we have bodysuits which can go under jeans, skirts, dresses, and a variety of things to form fit your body and not writhe up underneath your other garments. They have become a staple in many wardrobes from evening wear to everyday attire and have so many different designs that suit different events. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear because you don’t need to constantly keep tucking your top into your shorts or skirt so you can enjoy your day/evening without fussing over your appearance.


The iconic beach floppy hat would only have ever been seen on the golden sands next to a clear blue sea, but now it’s an everyday essential for those gorgeous sunny days. A hat should be for every day and not just something to wear at the beach because they are effective protection from the sun and, they look fabulous with almost any outfit! Why should our heads not have the fun fashion that our bodies get in summer?! It is important to make sure that your hat suits your head and body type because a larger hat will not look good on everyone, so do your research and let’s walk with our heads held high this summer.

There are so many outfits that you can wear in the summer that would usually be reserved as beachwear. The best thing is that beach clothes are some of the most comfortable outfits so being able to wear them outside of the beach is one of the best things in the world (in terms of fashion!). So bring your beach style out into the real world and show them what you got!

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